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Small to Mid-Size Business Data Networks

Enterprise defense optimized for small to mid-size business budgets

Coordination of the management business team and SuperCybex team, optimizing the budget requirements and need-to-have versus nice-to-have upgrades for the business network.

A growing business demands an efficient network to reduce costs and optimize security.  Yesterday’s simple network with a basic router and consumer-grade switches and wireless just won’t do anymore. 

SuperCybex can design a cost-effective solution based on next-gen security hardware, software and security policies to prevent random mistakes from taking your business down.


Preset Optimized Network Designs

  • Existing network optimization. SuperCybex works with your existing investment in cyber hardware and software when appropriate to harden your business defenses and set you on solid ground. 

  • Critical security enhancements. To fit a small business budget, SuperCybex develops a security plan with a staged approach to implementing critical features today and planned improvements over 1,3 and 5-year programs.

  • New network custom design. When required, SuperCybex can implement a complete network overhaul with security and long-term cost-effectiveness for today’s requirements and tomorrow’s challenges.

Cyber Security Training Services

Focused on the human side of security, SuperCybex develops a comprehensive training plan for the business with customized actions to raise security awareness for employees. 


  • Phishing campaigns beyond the basics.

  • Human behavior practice drills to instill confidence in the staff to help them identify threats.

  • Focused management training sessions for policy awareness and enforcement.

  • Training policy development for compliance with regulatory requirements.


We Work With the Very Best

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