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“911” Emergency Helpline Cyber Attack Incident Response 

From investigation to crisis management, SuperCybex elite incident response helps resolve any type of attack including ransomware, cloud breach, and advanced persistent threats with industry-leading expertise for investigation, containment, and recovery.


Whether your business has an outsourced IT service or an internal staff, SuperCybex provides an independent, objective team of hardened security engineers to help them contain the damage quickly and reduce the damage to the business. 

Ransomware Response and Cyber Extortion containment is our expertise.
In case of emergency contact us asap:


  • Hands-on remediation support is provided by remote access and onsite within 24 hours to return your business operations and ensure that the attack has ended. 

  • Investigate and resolve various types of attacks including insider compromise, IP theft, personally identifiable information (PII) exposure, Protected health information (PHI), ransomware, extortion-oriented financial crimes, and destructive attacks.

  • Identify the root cause of any attack to ensure that the cybercriminals don’t return.

  • Experienced with forensic technology investigations, including the ability to track ransom payments


We Work With the Very Best

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