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Compromise Assessment

Identify probable threats, understand their impact, and get remediation options with SuperCybex’s experts’ advice. The team’s experienced methodology discovers historical and active indicators of compromise, to respond and limit further damage. 


Increase visibility and identify potential threats in the business environment. Hunt for threats and perform a deep dive into affected systems.  

SuperCybex cyber experts reveal threat actors who may be hiding in the business network to have the information needed to defend businesses by identifying what was executed and how files were accessed.


Solution Deliverables:

  • High-level findings and recommendations report tailored to executive management with business-oriented language.

  • Technical report with deep analysis of our findings, recommendations, and remediation process.

  • Additional reports for potential future comprise scenarios as well as findings of content on the dark web and systems and settings that need updating.

  • Prioritized solutions by business and risk impact will be provided with proposals and budget planning guidance.


We Work With the Very Best

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