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To whom it may concern

I am writing this letter to you as a recommendation for the services provided by
Decom Data Ltd.

For the past few years, I have worked hand in hand with Eli, Asi, Roman, Shani and the
rest of the team from DeCom Data LTD to assist us at the Weizmann Institute of
Science with numerous services including: Data Center transformation, network
infrastructure, network configuration, cybersecurity and firewalls, server
consolidation and so much more. At no one time have they failed me, and they have
always been on time, making them a reliable partner to us.

My first engagement with DeCom Data Ltd was on a project of data center
transformation, during this project we have replaced 40 network cabinets along with
the equipment installed. The company brought along excellent expertise that involved
targeting the right persons, equipment and sub-contractors, so our internal clients in
can get their systems up and running within the committed time table.
The feedback and results were phenomenon. It is through the use of their services
that I have been able to transform our old Data center to a robust, scalable, secured
and monitored data center.

I would like you to consider Decom Data Ltd for your all It and Security needs. I have
had a good experience with them over the past few years for the services they have
rendered to us. I therefore strongly recommend their services. Let me know if you
need any previous working record regarding Decom Data Ltd

Ron Yogev
Weizmann Institute of Science
CIO - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.

+972 8934 3732
+972 5431 26266


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

76100 Rehovot, Israel Phone: 972 8 934 3349, 972 8 934 3545 Fax: 972 8 934 4308

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To Whom It May Concern

The Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science Data Center at the Weizmann Institute of
Science contains hundreds of servers, advanced communication equipment and storage
systems that are used by our researchers, faculty and students.

Decom Data has been providing us with excellent service for many years in the development
and maintenance of our Data Center.

We use their services in a variety of areas: procurement and maintenance of our CPU &
GPU‐based servers, procurement and maintenance our storage systems and our
communication equipment.

In the last fifteen years, we have used the company's services hundreds of times for both
small and large projects. We have always received timely, professional, high‐quality service
at a competitive rate .

Eli Ankri, Asi Cohen, Shani Ankri, Roman Bomko and others are always available, always
show a strong desire to help and offer original and quality solutions.

We recently carried out a long and complex project with their help upgrading our Data
Center. The project included replacing kilometers of cabling, replacing dozens of switches,
replacement of dozens of cabinets and electrical systems. During the project we performed
many initiated shutdowns and the Decom staff always finished their work on schedule
allowing our researchers return to work immediately after each break.

I highly recommend Decom In Israel and the new company SUPERCYBEX in the states and I
am happy to answer any questions you may have.

Best regards
Tsvi Sternheim
Head of Administration
Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science
Weizmann Institute of Science


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

76100 Rehovot, Israel Phone: 972 8 934 3349, 972 8 934 3545 Fax: 972 8 934 4308

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April 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

It is my great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for DECOM
DATA LTD. BN number: 513867580.
I have had a pleasure to work with the IT and cyber security department over
the past few years in a confidential projects for the Israeli army (the IDF).
I can state that DECOM DATA is a highly professional, motivated,
disciplined, and responsible company with a high degree of integrity.
AS such, and as Senior Director of Projects Operation, I highly recommend
working with the experts of DECOM DATA, who founded a new company
In the United States called SUPERCYBEX SOLUTIONS.
I expect that SUPERCYBEX SOLUTIONS will provide an excellent cyber
security service to any customer.



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May 2, 2022

To whom it may concern,

Dear Sir, Madam,
Subject: Decom Data Ltd.
Decom Data Ltd. has been a supplier to Motorola Solutions for the past 8 years providing
Motorola with Cyber Security and IT networking Design and Implementation services.
Throughout the years Decom Data has demonstrated leadership and out of the box thinking.
Their professional knowledge and expertise have aided in keeping our company on track with
major customer projects. They offer top-notch quality service across the board and in numerous
cases helped us to solve critical issues with our mission critical Public Safety customers.
Their service goes beyond their technical scope, they share market information to keep our costs
down and assist in securing equipment for us even in very tough market shortages.
We are very pleased with Decom Data’s work and feel confident to recommend them. We are
sure they will be an asset to any company needing such services.
Best regards,

Sigal Shabot
Project Procurement Lead
Israel and Sub-Sahara Africa
Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd.

E: sigalshabot@motorolasolutions.com

Motorola Solutions Israel Ltd. 5, Hashalom Rd. Tel Aviv, Israel

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With well earned respect, I confidently recommend DeCom Data Ltd. for future networking
projects, cybersecurity virtualization, and other turnaround projects.

I want to thank you for your exceptional work during the big Data center migration. Your hard
work and dedication to the job was an integral part of the successful completion of the project .
I had the good fortune of working with DeCom Team on our data center turnaround project At
Ashdod City command and control center during the covid-19 pandemic, with a number of jobs
occurring at the same time, involving multiple confined space entries; detailed planning ,
implementation, and communication of those plans with all team members and contractors
was critical.

The key to our success was the ability to work with one vision. the efforts and talents were a
significant contribution to the entire team in accomplishing great results considering some of
the project “set-backs”. Asi, Eli, Roman, Shani, Don, Aviv, Stas, and the rest of the crew
supported each other seamlessly, worked diligently, and communicated well together to
successfully complete the project.

DeCom teams managed their portion of the job planning process/procedures exceptionally well
and were always prepared to proactively identify options and solutions to challenges that
occurred during the project.

Manpower and material procurement were managed well and as adjustments were required ,
Asi Cohen, Decom Data Project manager smoothly made those adjustments to enhance the
flow of progress .

The success of the project was the result of the team assembled and their ability to
communicate and work collaboratively and unselfishly towards the common goal.
DeCom Data role in the Ashdod Municipality command center was excellent and their
contribution to the entire project team was commendable.

Again, I highly recommend the team and its new company SUPERSYBEX - founded in the United
States and would welcome their contribution for any future project I work with .

Sincerely ,

Hezi Zion
Senior project Mgr.
Ashdod Municipality

Ashdod Municipality | 10 Hagedud Ha'ivri st. | P.O.B 28 - 77710001 | 972 -8- 8545454

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June 1, 2022 

To Whom It May Concern, 

A year ago, Panda Windows and Doors fell victim to a ransomware attack. The attackers demanded a ransom of $1.5 million. The attack forced Panda back into the pre-computing era, blocking access to the company's network, email and crucial data such as design, manufacturing plans, patents and financial systems. 

As its infrastructure was held hostage by powerful encryption at a cost of millions of dollars each day, Panda retained a local IT company to attempt a recovery while the management sought out a legitimate cyber security firm. 

After ten days Panda approached Decom Data LTD, an Israeli cyber security company. It's experts immediately blocked the incoming internet traffic to the organization, prevented the attackers from accessing the organization's network, averted the need for a ransom payment, disrupted the attacker's plan, locked out the attacker group from system access and attacked back. 

The organization's data and mailbox were successfully restored from old backups recovered by the Israeli experts, along with help from the local IT company within 24 hours of being retained, despite the ten wasted days. 

After recovery and restoration, the Israeli experts from Decom analyzed, surveyed, and assessed Panda's systems, providing the organization a detailed report and a plan of action, along with a unique customized defense solution based on top technology all within a reasonable budget.

Once we approved Decom's plan of action, their experts implemented the customized solution plan they had provided, by replacing and building a new orchestrated system. 

We highly recommend the team of experts led by Decom and their U.S. affiliate, SUPERCYBEX Solutions LLC who were faced with impossible challenges to save our business, got our organization back on track and most importantly prevented the ransomware payment demanded of Panda Windows and Doors. 

We are thankful that we had the opportunity to work with a very professional and reliable team who continue to protect and secure our data and information 24/7, so that our team can work in a safe and secure environment without the worry of having business come to a halt again. 

Avi & Tiramit Shoshan Owners 
License #54716


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