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Cyber Risk Assessment

  • Define the existing and optimal status of the business security maturity and identify threats and gaps. Make more informed decisions by conducting a framework-based or regulatory-oriented (NIST, CMMC, CIS, HIPAA, ISO) risk assessment.

  • Providing real-world threat simulations on business to test the protocols and technology and to identify vulnerabilities.

  • Additional options include the external attack surface, supply chain, penetration testing, and tabletop exercises.

With a red or purple team, we prepare a playbook with the rules of engagement, conduct reconnaissance of your systems, and prepare a vulnerability analysis. After accessing the target systems, we bypass security controls and move inside your business network to gather test objects. 

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Quantify the business threat defenses and utilize optimized remediations to improve the business security systems. Assess the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of the current cyber program by gaining a better awareness of the threat landscape and how to reduce the risks to the business. 

Solution Deliverables:

  • High-level findings and recommendations report tailored to executive management with business-oriented language.

  • Detailed technical report with extensive risk analysis and the contributing components of risk for every segment of the business. 

  • Prioritized solutions by business and risk impact will be provided with proposals and budget planning guidance.


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