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Improve Your Cyber Security With Us

Why SuperCybex Solutions?

Here at SuperCybex, we understand the broad intelligence picture of the world of threats and know how to spot the signs of an imminent attack, respond quickly to defend the business, and turn cyber-attacks into a dead-end.

Cyber ​​crises have been recognized for a long time as a management challenge, more than a technological challenge, and still, among many managers and directors, there is a significant gap in understanding the scope.
We commit for the best result
We have the world class cyber defense talents

SuperCybex solutions
Protecting your organization from cyber warfare


Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

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 I have had a pleasure to work with the IT and cyber security department over the past few years in a confidential projects for the Israeli army (the IDF).
DUDU ELIMELECH – Colonel DU ELIMELECH – Colonel 972-52-8139559
avehada pl
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" We Can Talk About The Importance Of Firewalls And Network Segmentation.
But Really, Identity Has Become The Boundary, And We Need To Start Readdressing Our Infrastructures In That Matter. "

Jay Gazlay, CISA, SolarWinds attack, December 2020

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