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Cyber Security | General Solutions

  • SuperCybex’s expert team will help you make sustainable technology decisions to ensure agility and efficiency.

  • Management of all essential operation infrastructure.

  • Cloud based virtualized network function, cloud-based Data Center

Enabling business to run multiple applications and operating systems at the same time.

  • Privacy-Enhancing Technologies

Privacy-enhancing technologies, which deliver advanced cyber resilience and allow the sharing of data while protecting security and privacy. Given the increased shift to cloud storage, the relevance of PETs will grow in the future since they satisfy legal and regulatory mandates and prevent malicious attacks on sensitive data.

  • Identity Access Management

Identities are the foundation of cloud security since the only perimeter between applications and data is a user login. Therefore, companies need to proactively manage identities, including permissions and entitlements. Enforcing least privilege, in which human and machine identities only have access to the resources they need to perform their business functions, is a must in the cloud. With a new security paradigm, you control your identities, and you can reduce your cybersecurity risks.

  • Cloud-Based File Sharing

The debate about cloud security frequently overlooks a common ground of unauthorized data exposure: email. Emailing data, especially to a person outside of the organization, is typically less secure than using a cloud-based file-sharing app. Yet when cloud apps are blocked, an unintended consequence is that users default to email to share sensitive data, thereby creating greater security risks.

  • Email services /Office 365

Access emails from any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Internal Security

  • Our team will submit and enforce security across your system.

  • applications workloads and containers in the cloud or in premises.

  • infrastructure as a service /platform as a service

  • data centers physical and digital secured access.

Access Management and Segmented Environments Automated posture management and strong remediation requirements with a heavy focus on identity access management, including application programming interface keys. We segment your environments at the account/subscription level instead of just at the virtual private cloud level to create hard barriers between your assets and use focused VPC-to-VPC connections to reduce the potential blast radius.

  • Cyber Security Services:

Our team will capture any violation, compliance incident or malicious act for immediate and informed action. We will cover for your ICT systems while you grow your business

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